Computer Services


Complete System Check-Up - $49

  • We perform the following tests: Test power supply, power and reset switches/lights. Run memory & hard drive tests. Check for viruses and other malicious applications. Check Windows Updates. Check the overall health of computer and provide the best repair or replacement option.

Complete System Check-Up (Level 2) - $135

  • Level 2 Check-Up includes servers, gaming computers, high-end workstations, systems including multiple add-in cards, multiple hard drives, laptop disassembly (not including re-assembly) & physical damage examination. Perform the following tests and observations: Check in device for hardware and/or software issues that may be occurring as described by the customer on this document. Check for unknown device hardware and/or software problems and/or conflicts. Check for device software/firmware updates. Provide recommended repair option(s).

System Reload - $129

  • Installation of supported Windows, Ubuntu or Mac OS X operating systems. Includes all drivers and system updates as well as free A/V and free LibreOffice productivity software.

Dual System Reload - $179

  • Both Windows and Ubuntu.

Virus & Malware Removal with Security Updates - $129

  • Scan and remove any viruses, spyware, adware, pop-up ads or other malicious applications. Scan from outside Windows OS. Update anti-virus apps. Install Security Updates. ($20 per add’l. usr.)

Basic System Tune-Up - $39

  • Remove unnecessary start up programs. Optimize system resources. Update anti-virus. Clean out all temporary files. Clean and repair registry errors. Physically clean computer. ($20 per add’l user.)

Enhanced System Tune-Up - $69

  • Everything included with the Basic Tune-Up + Update 3rd party apps. Run OS Updates. If needed, install LibreOffice. If needed, install media apps. Customize Chrome to include the AdBlock. ($20 per add’l user.)

Data Backup Starts at $135 or $59 with System Reload

  • Includes backup of your documents, music, pictures, videos, email, accounting and/or database files.

Phone Computer Service or Training - $35/15 min session

  • Are you unable to bring in your computer, or just looking for a quick fix to simple problems? Call us at (715) 398-6767 to schedule a time for service. *

Carry-In Computer Service or Training - $135/hr

  • Do you have a specific software or hardware problem that needs to be fixed? We can help! (Charged in 1/2 hour increments)

On-Site Computer Service or Training - $135/hr

  • One on one on-site tech support. Priority & emergency services are available, call (715) 398-6767 for pricing and availability. (Charged from the time we leave our office until the time we return. 1 hour minimum)

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  • Custom Built Computers
  • PC Repairs – In Store or On-site
  • Network Security Anti-Virus Services
  • Virus Removal / Firewall Protection / Spyware Removal
  • Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware
  • Document Management / Contact Management Systems
  • E-mail Backup Solutions and Management
  • Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 Setup and Data Migration
  • Computer and Internet Help or Support When You Need It
  • Support for Windows, Mac & Linux
  • On-site Computer Repairs, Upgrades, & Software/Hardware Installation
  • Emergency Data Recovery
  • Local and Online Backup Solutions:
  • CrashPlan
  • XCopy Scripts
  • Internet Services that Work for You:
  • Charter Cable Internet
  • CenturyLink DSL
  • Remote Computing / VPN Solutions
  • IT Consulting
  • Website Hosting
  • Computer Repairs, Upgrades, & Software/Hardware Installation

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