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4 Ways To Power Your PC Fleet For The Long Haul

With much of the workforce going remote or shifting to a hybrid model, many fleets now increasingly operate in a distributed environment. Managing these machines and ensuring all their particulars stay up-to-date takes organization and foresight.

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A 100 year tech revolution in review – plus what’s ahead

From the humble home radio to pocket-sized artificial intelligence, the last 100 years have been a technological whirlwind. Now as mind and machine prepare to merge, we look back nostalgically. See the infographic here:

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5 Reasons 1:1 Teaching Environments Benefit Everyone

A student for every computer and a computer for every student. That’s the educational model behind one-to-one learning environments.

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Building a Human Firewall

Work environments are evolving, presenting new opportunities for cybercriminals to compromise company systems and networks. The shift to remote work has forced business owners to adapt, establishing technical measures to ensure remote productivity and security. Technical controls are vital to protecting company data, but all the technical solutions in the world aren’t enough to protect businesses if their employees aren’t fully trained in cybersecurity skills needed to protect oneself and ones business today.

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Using Covid-19 as catalyst for lifelong e-learning

Over a very short period of time, Covid-19 has helped business and education to replace and complement physical face-to-face channels by digital and online ones. This radical change also opened the way for more and better lifelong learning – via e-learning platforms.

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